E-world energy & water 2016

Thank you for your visit in Essen. We look Forward to seeing you next year from February 7-9, 2017.

We have presented cutting-edge ways of ensuring market success with a holistic architecture themed “Agility in energy”. You had the chance to learn about the latest end-to-end solutions from Siemens, including network control technology, virtual power plants, energy management systems, cyber security and smart data applications. In addition, solutions for distributed energy systems, smart buildings as well as power-to-gas components were also featureing at our fair booth, rounding off our agile energy portfolio.


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What does it take to ensure power supply reliability, efficiency, and sustainability and at the same time deal with completely new technical and market demands? Siemens has a comprehensive range of one-stop solutions that help master the challenge.


Why is agility the key enabler in coping with the technical, economic, and strategic challenges of the changing energy system? Speeches delivered by Siemens experts provided insights and answers.



  • Netze BW in Niederstetten

    Niederstetten demonstrates how communities can successfully adjust to the energy transition. The grid operator Netze BW and Siemens are implementing an efficient network automation solution for that town in Baden-Wuerttemberg and its environs.

    Fit for future distribution grids
  • Smart grid in Wachtendonk

    In Wachtendonk, 80 percent of the electricity comes from decentralized energy sources. To avoid voltage fluctuations and therefore power instability, the existing electricity network is being converted into a smart grid.

    A smart grid for Wachtendonk
  • Projekt IREN2

    Building on the smart power grid project IRENE that was successfully completed in Wildpoldsried in 2013, the IREN2 project was launched in July 2014. Researchers are now investigating how they can reconfigure the grid as a so-called microgrid.

    Microgrid with big potential
  • Seestadt Aspern in Vienna

    A research project in Vienna is studying the smart grid of the future. The greatest challenge is to ensure stable and secure grids within a decentralized, flexible power system – underpinned by transparency and an effective grid Management.

    Grid stability put to the test
  • Storage technologies

    Electricity storage is a genuinely complex issue. However, as only a few storage types are suitable for individual requirements, expertise in the specific applications can significantly simplify the task.

    Energy storage
  • Cyber security

    Secure IT networks are important for our energy supply. Cyber security therefore needs a holistic approach with activities tuned to the various aspects: people, processes and technology.

    Threat to the digital network