Technik Akademie

The Technik Akademie (TA) is a state recognized technical college for data technology, industry, mechatronic systems and process management.

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For young people with A-level or another entry qualification for a technical university we offer a four-year program in English which leads to a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Systems incl. Associate Engineer. In addition to this program, we provide further education and certification programs for Siemens employees and partners from around the world.

The TA offers an exciting, process oriented educational experience for you, with a focus on teamwork, networking and collaborative learning.

All programs offered by the TA are based on the teaching concept of our so-called System Approach learning concept. This is an innovative, holistic teaching philosophy that keeps systems as an entire entity in focus during technical training and provides young professionals with Handlungskompetenz (*Handlungskompetenz: When a skilled worker is able to adapt to a new situation or system in a self-dependent, flexible and fast way of working).

The Technik Akademie is a part of Siemens Professional Education.

Innovation in education and training lies at the heart of our concept. Our own technical and business vocational schools as well as the Technik Akademie in Berlin are based on the close connection between theoretical and practical learning which is consistently oriented towards the business process of successful companies.

The core program offered by the TA is a four-year dual study program that in cooperation with the Beuth Hochschule ( University of Applied Science) provides theoretical and in-house training as well as Siemens Departments practical phases. Geared towards young people with a high-school diploma (German Abitur/A-Levels), the program leads to the completion of the state-approved qualification Associate Engineer for Mechatronic Systems after two years, and the Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Systems after four years of study.

As a result of the several challenging theoretical and practical phases, all of which are conducted in English, students are well prepared to work in demanding international work environments after completing the Bachelor program. In addition to technical expertise, the core values of the TA are always in focus, namely internationality, networking, knowledge transfer, and teamwork.

This is also evident in the opportunities made available to them. The TA students are able to take part in international co-operations, internships and projects like the Cyber Junkyard Project or the EIT Summer School.*

*Cyber Junkyard Project and EIT Summer School are previous international projects in which our students were able to partake.

Beside the Bachelor of Engineering, several special programs available to non-bachelor students enhance the international character and variety of the TA. Based upon the TA´s technical expertise in engineering, its innovative teaching methods, and commitment to developing well-grounded employees, the following programs were developed:

Siemens Mechatronic System Certification Program (SMSCP):

Presented together with partner schools around the world, SMSCP helps colleges and universities prepare students for an international, comprehensive industry standard certification in mechatronic Systems.

Against the backdrop of the technical dominance of Siemens in automation and mechatronic fields, as well as the growing number of areas in which integrated mechatronic systems are being used around the world, the demand for qualified and competent future employees is increasing. To guarantee a world-class technical skills standard, the Technik Akademie cooperates with qualified colleges and universities around the world. Together they offer an industrial certificate to students who are educated by certified teachers working for the partner schools.
Along with specialized technical content, the Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program focuses on providing a wide range of skills in trouble-shooting and systems-thinking.

Smart Systems:

Development of engineering skills for managing energy in an intelligent, future oriented way.

International Employee Development Program (IEDP):

An in-house program for the professional development of Siemens employees from around the world.

The Technik Akademie prepares the next generation of talented personnel for challenging international assignments. Employees are given the possibility to participate in the International Employee Development Program (IEDP) led by experienced instructors in Berlin.

They work in international teams to gain invaluable soft skills and develop intercultural awareness, while learning about global Siemens processes and German business culture. In the end, they build a global contact network and transfer the acquired knowledge into their home departments.