Siemens Technical Education for Europeans

Whether you are leaving school, college or looking for a new career focus, our engineering apprenticeships could be the ideal route to your success. Would you like to earn straight after leaving education? Do you have the motivation andcommitment to work and study whilst getting paid and achieve qualifications alongthe way? With Siemens you can have your cake and eat it.

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Turbines and generators.

"If you really want to make a difference – make it with us.

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If you are 18 or over, you could undertake an apprenticeship in either Mechatronics or Electrical/Electronic Engineering on our European Apprenticeship Scheme. This exciting three and a half year Programme combines travel with study and work overseas.

You will be based in Berlin for three years, with one placement in your home country. Don’t worry we will help you with integrating into life in another country, assisting with accommodation, bank accounts, German lessons, even providing one to two flights home during your apprenticeship!

Over the course of the apprenticeship you will receive academic training in our Siemens Professional Education college, as well as hands-on experience in our training centre in Berlin and in our plants. As your skills, knowledge and expertise grow, you will be given more responsibility and accountability, laying the foundations for a permanent engineering role in the future.

As a European apprentice you will also be assigned a mentor to provide you with continual support. They will aid your development by increasing your exposure within the business, supporting your personal development and providing constructive feedback on a quarterly basis. There are two core European apprenticeship Options available to you:


You will work on the installation and maintenance of complex machines, facilities and systems in the construction and machine assembly industry.

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

You will explore the fields of electrical power supply, communication and information technology, and lighting technology. You will work on the installation and maintenance of complex production lines, plus the manufacturing of control gears and electrical power supplies.